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The tallest building is not as tall anymore… plus, our least favourite intersection. And coffee

Ryan and James are joined by special guest Ceara K from 107.3 KOOL FM for a conversation that’s all over the map.

Tantrum Etiquette and Army Worms

0:00 – 15:05: Guy yells at a mom and her kids in Langford. Why? Because her three year old threw a tantrum. The story had a happy ending but also caused a lot of discussion about being on both sides of the situation. Special guest Ceara K from 107.3 KOOL FM joins us to discuss tantrum etiquette.

15:05 – 21:26: What ever happened to that casino that was supposed to come downtown?

21:26 – 44:45: The regulars James and Corey discuss camping at Goldstream, Glow on Netflix, and a new edition of “Ryan’s Nature Corner” that covers army worms.

Local election predictions. Plus, tales from 4-20 in Victoria

0:00 – 20:52: B.C. Election predictions for the South Island! Ryan makes his (probably wrong) predictions for what’s going to happen in the Greater Victoria area come the May 9th provincial vote. He’s helped out by Andrew McLeod from thetyee.ca

20:52  – 44:45: Special guest Ceara K from 107.3 KOOL FM joins the panel discussion, which ranges from 4-20 in Victoria to the ridiculous Rainbow Unicorn Frap story.