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Airbnb and billeting the homeless

*UPDATE* Since recording this episode, the Bob Dylan concert in Victoria was cancelled. FYI*

Victoria City Council is moving to restrict short term vacation rentals and the mayor is suggesting we billet the homeless in the face of a housing crisis. There’s a lot to talk about this week.

On the lighter side – concerts and comedy shows galore to cover on this week’s edition of Victoria This Week.

Road raging our way to the U2 concert

0:00 – 25:25: Top story discussion includes the viral road rage video, a downtown burger joint that’s jumping right to a $15-an-hour minimum wage, and an update on new tall buildings.

25:25 – 44:36: The U2 concert review.

The B.C. election was bonkers!

0:00 – 29:16: B.C. election wrap up. We review all the Victoria area races and geek-out on possibilities since no one really won. What does that mean?

29:16 – 43:47: We review our favourite hikes in Victoria, plus a new “Netflix Review.”

Attention Costco drivers! Plus, comfy theatre experiences

0:00 – 21:00: The return of the “Top Story of the Week” panel discussion featuring Mike Kozakowski from citified.ca and Roszan Holmen from CFAX 1070.

21:00 – 44:22: The “Regular Panel” of Corey Polkinghorne and James Ball review the modern movie theatre experience.

Local election predictions. Plus, tales from 4-20 in Victoria

0:00 – 20:52: B.C. Election predictions for the South Island! Ryan makes his (probably wrong) predictions for what’s going to happen in the Greater Victoria area come the May 9th provincial vote. He’s helped out by Andrew McLeod from thetyee.ca

20:52  – 44:45: Special guest Ceara K from 107.3 KOOL FM joins the panel discussion, which ranges from 4-20 in Victoria to the ridiculous Rainbow Unicorn Frap story.