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What is modular homeless housing? We ask because it’s coming. Plus, spiders are in your house

The new B.C. Government is rolling out a plan to build modular homeless housing in any community that wants it. The Ca[ital Region is poised to jump on board. So, we think it’s time to figure out what the term modular homeless housing even means and why we’re doing it.

Plus, we investigate why our houses are filling with spiders at this time of year, we discuss how this year’s weather reduced the apple crop to the point that  Sea Cider is pleading for apples, and we profile Canadian rock band “the Sadies” after their recent show in Victoria.

Speaker drama in B.C. Politics. Plus, pot shop theories and killer whales

Is this finally the end of the B.C. election saga? The speaker of the legislature is chosen in dramatic fashion (and Ryan gets too excited about it).

Plus, we have a prediction for how legalized marijuana will be sold in B.C., there’s a whale quiz, and trees that decide to discard branches.

The movie episode

A Johnny Depp movie called “Richard Says Goodbye” has been filming at Hatley Castle, and the latest “Pup Star” movie is shooting downtown. That gets us into our Victoria This Week list of best movies that feature our city.

Also the McKenzie interchange project is delayed, the Commonwealth Games bid seems dead, an Island musical festival gets a new name and new acts, and much more on this week’s show.

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What’s the deal with the Commonwealth Games? Plus, birds

We cover Victoria’s attempt to bring the Commonwealth Games to Victoria in 2022, the design for (what could become) downtown’s new tallest building, and… James Ball visits the raptor centre in Duncan and things get weird:


New premier, new beer, new words

0:00 – 12:21: Interview with John Horgan, the new Premier of British Columbia. He’s the MLA for Langford-Juan de Fuca and that makes him the first Premier from Vancouver Island in over 60-years.

12:21 -26:35: News from the local craft beer scene! Beer writer Joe Wiebe joins the show and also give us a list of 9 local beers you should try.

26:35 – 46:41: Regular guests Corey and James review the Ryan Adams concert, update the hawk in the eagle’s nest in Sidney, and conduct a quiz.

Airbnb and billeting the homeless

*UPDATE* Since recording this episode, the Bob Dylan concert in Victoria was cancelled. FYI*

Victoria City Council is moving to restrict short term vacation rentals and the mayor is suggesting we billet the homeless in the face of a housing crisis. There’s a lot to talk about this week.

On the lighter side – concerts and comedy shows galore to cover on this week’s edition of Victoria This Week.

Road raging our way to the U2 concert

0:00 – 25:25: Top story discussion includes the viral road rage video, a downtown burger joint that’s jumping right to a $15-an-hour minimum wage, and an update on new tall buildings.

25:25 – 44:36: The U2 concert review.

The B.C. election was bonkers!

0:00 – 29:16: B.C. election wrap up. We review all the Victoria area races and geek-out on possibilities since no one really won. What does that mean?

29:16 – 43:47: We review our favourite hikes in Victoria, plus a new “Netflix Review.”