Monthly Archives: November 2017

No Trains, Black Friday, Rescue Dogs, Lodged Beavers

This week’s discussion twists and turns through Black Friday and Christmas holiday busyness, the lack of progress on getting something done on the E&N rail line, rescue dogs and beaver facts.

To grow or not to grow the wild west coast. Plus, remembrance

This week’s topics include: the future of the Juan de Fuca lands past Sooke are a major point of contention, we talk about why; we use Remembrance Day and the 100th Anniversary of Passchendaele to learn about the man whose name adorns Pearkes Rec Centre; the Eagles of Death Metal are coming to town, and…. trying to get our heads around the never ending barrage of sexual misconduct stories in the news.

Marijuana Gummies and Sea Lions

The gang’s back together for the first time in a while, riffing on the week’s news. We also learn about Sea Lions with a new “nature corner” and hear the latest concert announcements.