Monthly Archives: October 2017

The tallest building is not as tall anymore… plus, our least favourite intersection. And coffee

Ryan and James are joined by special guest Ceara K from 107.3 KOOL FM for a conversation that’s all over the map.

Goodbye Gord

We recorded this show a few hours after learning that Gord Downie, singer and front man of The Tragically Hip, died of brain cancer at age 53. All of us on the show are life-long fans so we scrapped whatever was planned and dedicated this week’s episode to the memory of this great Canadian.

Victoria’s Ghost Stories

Victoria This Week theme episode on our city’s ghost stories.

Ian Gibbs, co-host of the “Ghost Story Guys” podcast and author of the book “Victoria’s Most Haunted,” joins Ryan to share stories that, yes, are spooky but that also provide a colourful look at the city’s history.

What is modular homeless housing? We ask because it’s coming. Plus, spiders are in your house

The new B.C. Government is rolling out a plan to build modular homeless housing in any community that wants it. The Ca[ital Region is poised to jump on board. So, we think it’s time to figure out what the term modular homeless housing even means and why we’re doing it.

Plus, we investigate why our houses are filling with spiders at this time of year, we discuss how this year’s weather reduced the apple crop to the point that  Sea Cider is pleading for apples, and we profile Canadian rock band “the Sadies” after their recent show in Victoria.