Monthly Archives: July 2017

Tall buildings-tiny rooms. Plus, Bob Dylan and Genevieve the Goat

In this week’s show we catch up with the city’s explosive construction and development growth with Mike Kozakowski from, including an update on what’s supposed to be a 30 (now 29) storey building downtown.

Regular guests Corey and James review the Bob Dylan concert in Vancouver and Ryan’s Nature Corner tackles the story of high-tech volunteers who rescue animals… animals like Genevieve the Goat.

Tantrum Etiquette and Army Worms

0:00 – 15:05: Guy yells at a mom and her kids in Langford. Why? Because her three year old threw a tantrum. The story had a happy ending but also caused a lot of discussion about being on both sides of the situation. Special guest Ceara K from 107.3 KOOL FM joins us to discuss tantrum etiquette.

15:05 – 21:26: What ever happened to that casino that was supposed to come downtown?

21:26 – 44:45: The regulars James and Corey discuss camping at Goldstream, Glow on Netflix, and a new edition of “Ryan’s Nature Corner” that covers army worms.

New premier, new beer, new words

0:00 – 12:21: Interview with John Horgan, the new Premier of British Columbia. He’s the MLA for Langford-Juan de Fuca and that makes him the first Premier from Vancouver Island in over 60-years.

12:21 -26:35: News from the local craft beer scene! Beer writer Joe Wiebe joins the show and also give us a list of 9 local beers you should try.

26:35 – 46:41: Regular guests Corey and James review the Ryan Adams concert, update the hawk in the eagle’s nest in Sidney, and conduct a quiz.