Monthly Archives: May 2017

The start of resolution

Join host Ryan Price as he hangs out with Corey Polkinghorne and James Ball to discuss the week’s news.

This week, we started to see some resolution in several big local news stories – a guilty plea in the case of Constable Sarah Beckett, former Victoria Police Chief Frank Elsner getting a new job, and the election results firm up two weeks after the election. We chat about possible fines for smokers in the CRD. Plus, a brand new water park opens in Esquimalt…and it’s great.


Road raging our way to the U2 concert

0:00 – 25:25: Top story discussion includes the viral road rage video, a downtown burger joint that’s jumping right to a $15-an-hour minimum wage, and an update on new tall buildings.

25:25 – 44:36: The U2 concert review.

The B.C. election was bonkers!

0:00 – 29:16: B.C. election wrap up. We review all the Victoria area races and geek-out on possibilities since no one really won. What does that mean?

29:16 – 43:47: We review our favourite hikes in Victoria, plus a new “Netflix Review.”