Monthly Archives: April 2017

Attention Costco drivers! Plus, comfy theatre experiences

0:00 – 21:00: The return of the “Top Story of the Week” panel discussion featuring Mike Kozakowski from and Roszan Holmen from CFAX 1070.

21:00 – 44:22: The “Regular Panel” of Corey Polkinghorne and James Ball review the modern movie theatre experience.

Local election predictions. Plus, tales from 4-20 in Victoria

0:00 – 20:52: B.C. Election predictions for the South Island! Ryan makes his (probably wrong) predictions for what’s going to happen in the Greater Victoria area come the May 9th provincial vote. He’s helped out by Andrew McLeod from

20:52  – 44:45: Special guest Ceara K from 107.3 KOOL FM joins the panel discussion, which ranges from 4-20 in Victoria to the ridiculous Rainbow Unicorn Frap story.

Feeding seals, Used Victoria misadventures, and legalizing pot

0:00 – 9:43: Host Ryan Price digests some of this week’s news — how will the Federal Government’s new marijuana legalization bill fit into Victoria? And, a B.C. Liberal Party election promise rubs us the wrong way.

9:43 – 20:33: The regular panel of James and Corey join Ryan to discuss the Harbour Authority’s bid to curb feeding the seals at Fisherman’s wharf.

20:33 – 27:33: The New Pornographers are coming to Victoria.

27:33 – 32:36: James tries to give away a table for free on Used Victoria. It becomes a lot of work.

32:36 – 44:10: Our Netflix review of comedy specials.

Sleeping in cars. And, satire hits the housing crisis

0:46 – 20:53: The city flirts with permitting sleeping in cars in the face of a housing crisis. The idea is met with satire. It’s just one of the housing related stories that get us thinking.

20:53 – 24:10: Archaeologists have discovered what could be the oldest human settlement in North America off the BC Coast!

24:10 – 28:37: A new distillery is coming to Victoria and you might recognize the name.

28:37 – 31:36: Two 21 storey buildings are proposed for downtown Victoria.

31:36 – 44:23: Regular “Victoria This Week” panelist James Ball is also a stand-up comedian… we should probably talk about that.