Monthly Archives: March 2017

New tallest building? Plus, Rock the Shores and trampolines

0:36 – 20:40: Victoria might get a 30 storey condo tower on Herald Street between Douglas and Blanshard. A developer is pitching the idea to city hall and, if it happens, it would become our tallest building. We also hear the tale of “Georgie the Cat.” All part of the semi-regular “top story” panel of Mike Kosakowski and Roszan Holmen.

20:40 – 37:47: The regulars, Corey Polkinghorne and James Ball, discuss the temporary demise of the “Rock the Shores” music festival in Colwood. Are we a victim of an over-saturation of music festivals? Plus get an update on  a new trampoline park in Esquimalt and a new burger joint downtown.

37:47 – 44:38: Netflix reviews… this week we take on “Riverdale.”

Frank Elsner, Plastic Bags and Bob Dylan

In this weeks edition, Ryan tries to explain the latest update in the case of suspended Victoria Police Chief Frank Elsner. The real life implications of a plastic bag ban. We… sort of… recommend the upcoming Bob Dylan concert? Plus, our second round of Netflix reviews tackles “Chef’s Table.”



March 17, a potpourri of Victoria stories

We start this week’s show on a serious note – a homicide case with a possible Hell’s Angels twist after a Sooke man was found dead in the woods. Then, it’s a round-up of a busy Victoria news week: there’s going to be a new downtown grocery store, a new park and ride, there’s a farm stand crime spree on the Saanich Peninsula, and a horrifying thrift store toy mishap.

Plus, regular guests Corey and James review the recent Elton John concert, which leads to a conundrum surrounding a spare ticket.

Commuter rail announcement – letdown or huge news? And we don’t know how to haircut

(Originally recorded March 10, 2017)  In this week’s show we go all trains all the time. Ryan thinks the commuter rail “study” announcement is a bigger deal that it seemed and regular guests James and Corey join in with their opinions, which lead us somehow to haircuts.

The real reason Trudeau came to Victoria, “Pig” closes, and Zamboni Guy returns

(Originaly reocorded March 3, 2017) In this episode, Ryan is joined by Roszan Holmen from C-FAX and Mike Kozakowski from Citified to speculate on the real reason behind the Prime Minister’s visit, discuss big new developments downtown, and learn why “Pig” is closing.Plus, James and Corey!